4th seminar. Dealer training: Excellence in managing the business

The fourth seminar, held in San Francisco, California, USA, January 21-27, 2019, was attended by 51 attendees. This event was held as part of the NADA (National Automobile Dealers Association) Annual Convention and took place both at the convention and at Google's offices. The seminar offered high quality training from globally recognized experts from the NADA and Google. Attendees had the opportunity to expand their knowledge and skills on topics relevant to the present and future of the automotive industry. The event also provided an excellent networking opportunity, allowing participants to connect with industry representatives from all over Latin America, as well as with representatives from ACARA (Argentine Automotive Dealers Association), NADA and Google. The seminar agenda focused on two key aspects. On the one hand, NADA provided training on the efficient management of a dealership and its finances, providing tools and strategies to optimize business performance. On the other hand, Google presented the Digital Dealer Academy, a program designed to help participants take advantage of digital opportunities and adapt to industry changes in the digital environment. In addition to the trainings, attendees had the opportunity to visit Google's offices in Mountain View, California, which allowed them to learn first-hand about the work environment and technological innovations of this leading company. In summary, the fourth seminar was an enriching event that combined training from globally recognized leaders such as NADA and Google, providing participants with relevant tools and knowledge to efficiently manage a dealership and take advantage of digital opportunities. The networking opportunity and the visit to Google's offices added additional value to this educational experience.

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