Fleet / Automotive Park

Market Intelligence Service for the detection of business opportunities from the understanding of the installed automotive park and its dynamics.

Based on a wide variety of indicators, you can generate the queries that best suit your needs. Allowing you obtain practical information for making decisions that lead to better results.

It will become a key tool for the strategic design of the after sales service, spare parts demand planning, geographical sales potential.

Main indicators reported:

*Participation of the brands and model in the distribution of the installed park.
*Geographic Distribution of the Automotive Park, by Province, City, and District.
*General Average Age, by Brand and by Geographical opening.
*Geographic Distribution Mix by Brand.
*Participation of the Brands by Province, City, and District.

A service aimed at manufacturers, auto parts, dealers, financial institutions and other actors in the sector.
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How the Fleet / Installed Automotive Park works

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