Automotive Market

Information and statistics system on the automotive market will allow you to be informed about the market and its projections.

The organization in modules of this tool allows you to access all the market information in a more efficient way.

Each module contains specific data on operations that are carried out daily in our market.

You can obtain reports every day on new car sales, allowing to differentiate them by car brand, model, location, date and any additional feature that allows a market analysis in more detail.

* Statistics system
This statistics system allows you to know in detail the transfers of cars by domain, and, all relevant parameters for the correct analysis of the information.

*Patent analysis
With this tool you can also analyze in detail financed sales and stock information of each brand of both domestic and imported products.

The price database will allow you to know and analyze the price list for the public, and, the prices of the market for all the models that are currently in the market.

It is the ideal platform for you to be updated on the evolution of the market, monitor trends, identify new opportunities and obtain all the necessary information for better decision making.

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How the Automotive Market / Market works

New information analysis system that gives you the possibility to create, analyze and measure consumer behavior and loyalty.

This tool based on the transactions made will allow you evaluate the loyalty and desertion of the consumer with reference to all purchases of new vehicles by geography, vehicle characteristics, financing and demographic data over the time.

Allowing you to respond quickly and efficiently to market behavior and preserve long-term growth.

It is a system specially designed for Official Dealers, Importers, Automotive Terminals, National and International Consultants, Banks, Insurance Companies, Auto Parts Manufacturers, which will allow them to:

Conduct market research:
Understand brand / distributor sales patterns, understand which customers are returning to the market, buying or dropping out.

Perform competitive analysis:
compare competitors and understand the risk of desertion and the reasons

Identify key trends and hidden opportunities.

develop personalized marketing strategies to build loyalty and win audiences

This platform provides you with the necessary information to easily evaluate your market share, generating reports with dynamic tables, graphs, maps and panels. Issue reports with automatically updated data every month.

The information is segmented under the following parameters:

Current year and transaction history of more than 15 years

Vehicle characteristics
Brand / Model / Maker / Segment / Body / body style

Province / City / Department / Location

Gender / Age

Financial attributes
Direct sales / Conventional / Financed

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How the Automotive Market / Loyalty works

Monthly studies developed by our specialists that will allow you identify trends and developments in the automotive market.

Among the reports published monthly you can find reports on:

automotive and motor vehicles market reports

financial reports

price index report

Our extensive knowledge of the market and information management allows us to assist you based on the needs of your company.

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How the Automotive Market / Reports works

Automotive market information through API services.

New inscriptions, tranfers and pledges inquiries.

Get more out of your data with direct access to information.

Stock inquiry by brand, model and version.

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How Cars GEO Market works

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