Ford F150 Raptor R to be revamped with more than 700 hp

SEPTEMBER 14, 2023
Ford F150 Raptor R

After learning about the F-150 update, the "Oval" promises improvements in the most extreme variant. Ford has just updated its popular F-150 pickup truck with improvements in design, engines, equipment and capabilities. As it could not be otherwise, the changes will also be part of the sporty F-150 Raptor variant, and the exuberant F-150 Raptor R. What do we mean by the F-150 Raptor R? To the extreme version of the world's best-selling pickup, launched in 2022 and powered by the Mustang Shelby GT 500's 5.2L Predator V8 engine, mechanically supercharged but adapted for more off-road delivery and durability. During the presentation of the renewal of the F-150, Ford confirmed that the Raptor R 2024 will deliver more than 700 hp. It is worth remembering that the current version, which works with a ten-ratio automatic gearbox, delivers 700 hp and 867 Nm, i.e. almost 250 hp and 176 Nm more than the Raptor with 3.5L Ecoboost V6 engine. In the absence of official information, speculation abounds. The U.S. press reports that Ford wants to exceed the 702 hp and 881 Nm of the RAM 1500 TRX, a "flat" equipped with the 6.2L HEMI V8. Ford F150 Raptor R: More news The future Raptor R will feature a renewed front end (with LED headlights), the new Pro Access tailgate with double opening, and the 12'' screen for the multimedia system. In addition, the Raptor range will have new FOX shocks, with double valve and rebound control, 37'' tires, and a brand new modular bumper, which allows the simple incorporation of certain accessories, such as a light bar, tow hooks, etc. The Raptor R will also have a bulging hood, in order to gain aggressiveness, and a new color for the exterior, called Shelter Green (derived from green). As options, Ford will offer hood ornaments and "Raptor" decals for the sides of the cargo box, among other accessories. The 2024 F-150 Raptor will have a base price of USD 77,980, while the Raptor R kit, which will include the "700+ hp" engine, is priced at USD 31,575, plus an additional USD 2,000 in shipping costs. Fuente: Parabrisas

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