From China comes the SUV that transforms into a pickup truck

SEPTEMBER 14, 2023
Changan Qiyuan CD701 Concept

It is called Changan Qiyuan CD701 Concept, an electric model that will soon be mass produced. The Chinese brand Changan draws the attention of the automotive world with the Qiyuan CD701 concept, an SUV with the peculiarity that transforms into a pick-up. The Changan Qiyuan CD701 is an electric vehicle built on the SDA platform, which is aesthetically distinguished by its square and clean shapes, and also by some details, which we will now review. Changan Qiyuan CD701: Main Features The first thing we highlight about the Qiyuan CD701 is its front. It turns out that instead of the grille there is a display, which can show the percentage of battery charge of the model, as well as its autonomy. Then, the front sector is quite conventional. If the front is not so "strange", the back is different. First, because of its sides, starring huge wheels, cameras instead of rear-view mirrors, and a roof drop that is the great attraction of the model. Why? Because the window has the ability to lift up and slide towards the roof, creating a cargo box. For the better, the opening of the box lid replicates the system of a pick-up, opening outward and downward. Inside, and distinguishing itself from its exterior, the Qiyuan CD701 presents a modern but clean atmosphere, with a minimalist dashboard, a head-up display, a steering wheel with a straight base and a generously sized screen. The upholstery is white, giving it an extremely elegant look. On the mechanics, Changan did not give further details. However, we will have more news soon, as the brand stated that the model will be produced. When? From 2024. For now, the firm only assured that the model will include an autonomous charging function.

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