Is an "affordable" Sandero cabrio on the way?

FEBRUARY 19, 2024
Sandero Cabrio?

The famous hatchback could have a convertible configuration with an attractive value for many users. At least in Argentina, the trend of "cabrio cars" seems to be a thing of the past, especially in those entry and mid-range models that offered a "roofless" variant. Now, in Europe, the idea of reviving this trend is being closely followed, and for that, nothing better than the Sandero. In Europe, the hatchback is offered under the Dacia brand (here Renault) and, unlike in our region, it already has a new generation. The projections did not take long to arrive. The idea of using a comfortable and affordable model to convert it into a two-door convertible would appeal to many users. According to Noticias Automotivas, the appearance of the eventual Sandero Cabrio is based on the Mégane with the same features. If realised, the project would use only two seats and a fabric roof with electric opening. However, there would also be options with a hardtop and four seats. For this version, the Romanian brand would use the company Roturingia, already used for other developments. With a 1.0 turbo engine and manual or automatic transmission, it would have a reinforced bodywork and an anti-roll system. It would also have a more premium interior styling to raise the vehicle's status. For now, there is no news on a possible launch date. Fuente: Parabrisas

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