The BMW 4 Series receives an update, but does not visit the dentist

FEBRUARY 01, 2024
BMW Series 4

Retaining the same oversized grille, the BMW 4 Series receives minor aesthetic updates and technological improvements to the interior and lighting. In a single pass, BMW introduced some changes to the entire 4 Series, including the coupe, the convertible and the powerful M4. The modifications, unfortunately, do not address the huge and controversial vertical grille with which these cars were released a few years ago, but that has simply been because time proved the German brand right and the cars have sold well. Although the changes are discreet and only aim to refine the driving and use experience, either through new lights or technological improvements, as well as more configuration options for the German sports car. BMW 4 Series, outside The aesthetic changes apparently are more subtle in the conventional models and more pronounced in the M Sport and M Performance models, for example, the grille remains identical, but in the M Sport models the chrome surround becomes matte chrome. Other M Sport package upgrades include: Glossy black rear diffuser Larger exhaust outlets; they grow from 90 to 100 mm There are two extra packages: M Sport Pro and M Carbon If we move on to the M Performance model we will find more pronounced details that bring the M440i closer to the M4, such as the grille with horizontal bars and gloss black accents instead of the Cerium gray finishes as it was until today. The same happens at the rear with the trapezoidal exhausts and the new mirrors, borrowed from the BMW M4. The extra M Carbon package adds CFRP (carbon fiber reinforced plastic) accents, a rear lip and a diffuser. Now let's move on to the most important thing, which is the change in lighting. There are new LED lights, where a single module is in charge of the high and low beams, while two arrow-shaped LED elements are in charge of the indicators and DRL. For those who can, there are adaptive LED matrix headlights, including a smoked background if the M Shadowline package is equipped and welcome sequence with the Comfort Access package. In the back, for those who order the adaptive LED lights, the laser system is comparable, imitating the M4 CSL. The rest, as usual, are customization options, including new 19" wheel designs with different finishes and more colors, including Cape York green and Fire red. BMW 4 Series, inside The changes on the interior are a little more noticeable than on the exterior. These include: New sports steering wheel, with a flattened base for models with the M Sport package New design of central vents: now all the air conditioning is adjusted from the curved display Ambient lighting as standard New endings: Option to upholster the dashboard in leather Matte graphite, aluminum or open-pore wood accents More galvanized buttons and crystal command options Sports seats in perforated Sensatec, Vernasca leather in two tones, Merino leather in three colors and the new Performtex for the M Sport and M Performance Metallic parts for the pedals or door sills The iDrive with OS 8.5 system debuts in the Series 4, which has better resolution, shortcut functions (QuickSelect), intelligent voice assistant, and navigation with augmented reality. more personalization options via BMW ID and My BMW App, related to connected services, support for eSIM and 5G, support for online payments (Germany only) and optional Head-Up Display. With respect to safety and assistance, they are "packaged" and will depend on the market, but there are some new features such as the new Driving Assistant Professional pack, which brings together all the functions that allow the car to have level 2 semi-autonomous driving. The rest, from automatic braking, blind spot monitor, 360 camera or reversing assistant, are also available. BMW 4 Series, the mechanics The range offers gasoline and diesel options, all with turbo and associated with a standard 8-speed Steptronic transmission and xDrive traction system in some configurations. Naphthas: 420i 2.0L Four cylinder Turbo 184 HP and 300 Nm 0-100 km/h in 7.5s 240 km/h maximum speed 430i xDrive 2.0L Four cylinder Turbo 245 HP and 400 Nm 0-100 km/h in 5.7s 250 km/h maximum speed M440i xDrive (M Performance) 3.0L Inline Six Turbo 48v (8 kW) MHEV system 374 HP and 500 Nm 0-100 km/h in 4.5s 250 km/h maximum speed Diesel: 420d / 420d xDrive 2.0L Four cylinder Turbo 48v (8 kW) MHEV system 190 HP and 400 Nm 0-100 km/h in 7.1s (7.4s with xDrive system) 240 km/h maximum speed 430d xDrive 3.0L Inline Six Turbo 48v (8 kW) MHEV system 286 HP and 650 Nm 0-100 km/h in 5.1s 250 km/h maximum speed M440d xDrive (M Performance) 3.0L Inline Six Turbo 48v (8 kW) MHEV system 340 HP and 700 Nm 0-100 km/h in 4.6s 250 km/h maximum speed The package with M sport (or adaptive) suspension, M variable steering and M sport brakes comes as standard on M Performance models but is optional for the rest of the range. These cars also add a Steptronic Sport transmission and an M Sport differential. The models will debut in Europe as 2024 models and in the United States as 2025 models, with prices starting at USD $50,700, at least for the 430i that will be the access models in that market. Do you like BMW's beavertooth grille?

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