The new Nissan Juke: Coming to Argentina?

FEBRUARY 19, 2024
Nissan Juke

The midsize pick-up is expected to be built in Argentina, although it will first be launched in Brazil. In addition, the prices of several versions will be published. Fiat is preparing to launch the Titano, a midsize pick-up that will seek to impose itself in the segment, giving a new place to Stellantis in the market. It is important to remember that this pick-up is the sister of the Landtrek, the Peugeot model that will also join this category. According to Autos Segredos, the Fiat product will be produced in Argentina, although for now there is no information about the French brand. However, it will also join the assembly line, although official confirmation is still pending. During the last few days, another news that the same foreign media revealed was the presentation date. As this portal indicates, the new Titano will be presented on March 14. At least for the moment, the debut will be in Brazil, while the prices of the Endurance, Volcano and Ranch versions will also be revealed. For now it will be assembled in Nordex, while it will only be offered in single cab configurations. We still have to wait for official news, both for the neighbouring country and for Argentina. Fuente: Parabrisas

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