The redesigned Toyota Corolla 2024 is close to Argentina.

SEPTEMBER 14, 2023
Toyota Corolla 2024

The updated sedan has arrived in the region. What does it bring? We tell you here. A little over a year after its unveiling in Europe, the renewal of the Toyota Corolla is coming to Argentina. The iconic Japanese sedan, whose 12th and current generation dates back to 2018, which arrived in our country in 2019, is about to present its update in the region. The information was provided by colleagues from Brazil, the nation where the model is produced for the local market but also for Argentina and the rest of Latin America. Specifically, they released photos of the first units of the updated Corolla seen in the region, which allows us to appreciate how much (or not) will change in its exterior and interior. Let's see, and then review what is known about the renewal. Toyota Corolla 2024: What was seen The images released by Carro Chefe show a unit of the Corolla 2024 being displayed at a dealership in the neighboring country. As can be seen, its appearance is identical to that seen in the sedan's update in Europe, so it presents few exterior novelties: Front air intakes with renewed grille. Redesigned wheels Rear light cluster with exterior and interior redesign Narrower and more rectangular rear auxiliary lights The interior is where the Corolla update presents the biggest novelty: the multimedia screen increases its size from the current 8'' to 10'', losing the knobs and buttons on its sides. The changes also affect the instrument panel, which became 100% digital, thanks to a new 12" screen. Finally, the cabin of the Corolla will be renewed with the addition of air conditioning outlets and USB ports for the occupants of the rear seats, placed in the back of the armrest of the first row. Toyota Corolla 2024: Hybrid power, unchanged One of the main novelties that the European Corolla received was the increase in the power of its hybrid version, thanks to developments made both in the combustion engine (the well-known 1.8L 16V) and in the electric one, which led it to deliver 140 hp. Unlike what was rumored months ago, Brazil now assures that the Corolla Hybrid made there will have no changes in this aspect, retaining the current 122 hp. As for the interior, the 12'' instrument panel will be present in the most expensive versions, leaving for the rest a 7'' display. Toyota Corolla 2024: Arrival in Argentina For the production of the Corolla renovation in Brazil, Toyota made an investment of close to 11 million dollars in 2022, to update the production lines of the model at the plant located in Indaiatuba, Sao Paulo. In the neighboring country, the Corolla 2024 is expected to be presented in the next few days, considering that the brand's dealerships will be receiving the first units in the coming weeks. As for its arrival in Argentina, everything will depend on the economic context of the coming months. While we wait for more news, if you want to know everything about the Toyota Corolla sold in our country, we recommend you to visit the Autocosmos Catalog, where you can find prices, technical specifications, equipment and also compare it with any other model sold in the domestic market. Fuente: Autocosmos

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