The Toyota Hilux is revamped with a hybrid engine and could arrive in Argentina.

FEBRUARY 02, 2024
Toyota Hilux

The Japanese brand's pick-up has just unveiled a redesign in Australia that slightly changes its image and innovates its mechanics. Toyota renewed for the third time in Australia the current generation of the Hilux with a new hybrid engine that could make a difference if it were manufactured and sold in Argentina. We tell you the details of this new redesign of the pick-up of the Japanese brand. New Toyota Hilux What changes? Aesthetically, the new Hilux is renewed mainly at the front, eliminating the chrome or grey grille frame and changing its interior design, which will now have hexagons. Both changes give it a more "rugged" look, similar to the Tacoma sold in other markets. The lights appear to be the same, and the nose has some black detailing that contrasts with the body colour. New Toyota Hilux: powertrain The biggest change in this restyling of the Hilux is in its mechanics, which will now be "Mild Hybrid", adding a 48V electric motor that will work in conjunction with the combustion engine to help with starting and reduce consumption. While Toyota did not disclose power figures for the combined system, it claims that the electric motor reduces fuel consumption by 10 per cent. New Hilux: What catches our eye From the pictures, the wheels and other elements we can deduce that it will be one of the most equipped versions, but it seems that in Australia it did not adopt the widening of the tracks. Remember that Argentina developed the current GR Sport IV, which is global, and that the widening was also applied to the SRX, but that for a wider Hilux without overfenders we will have to wait for the generational change. Will this redesign of the Hilux arrive in Argentina? While there is still no official information from Toyota on whether or not the restyling with this engine will arrive in Argentina, we think it could be a very good alternative that, at least for now, no pick-up in the segment offers. Similarly, Ford has already announced the Ranger PHEV globally and it could arrive in our country, and we have to wait and see what impact the redesigned Volkswagen Amarok will have on the market. Fuente: Autocosmos

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