Volkswagen to produce a compact pick-up, will it be Tarok?

FEBRUARY 02, 2024
Volkswagen Tarok?

With an outlay of millions of dollars, the German brand will seek to create a van that will be positioned as a smaller alternative to the Amarok. Volkswagen announced a new investment cycle in Brazil that will run until 2028, with a disbursement of more than 1.8 billion dollars. Beyond the latest news, one of the most attention-grabbing developments was the future addition of a compact pick-up to the model line-up. In the past, there was already talk of Tarok, a concept that was presented at the Motor Show in some countries (e.g. São Paulo 2018) and was in fact a potential project for Argentina. However, the idea did not take off, but now it seems to have returned to centre stage. As indicated by Ciro Possobom, president of the German brand in South America, according to Automotive Business, there will be 12 models to be launched by 2028, while four of these will be manufactured in Brazil (others will probably be produced or restyled in Argentina). "In São José dos Pinhais we will produce a pick-up truck to compete more strongly in the light commercial segment," the executive revealed. This confirms the development of a compact pick-up for the coming years. In turn, as the foreign media reports, unlike the Tarok prototype, the future pick-up would not be based on the Taos, but on the T-Cross. Will it be one of the stars of 2024 or will its debut be scheduled for a later date? Fuente:

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