Volkswagen to produce four new models in Brazil, Golf out, Golf in?

FEBRUARY 05, 2024
Volkswagen new models in Brazil

With more than 1.8 billion dollars of investment, the Wolfsburg firm unveiled its plan for 2028 in Brazil. It will obviously have an impact in Argentina (several models will be offered here). Volkswagen has invested more than 1.8 billion dollars in Brazil over the next few years (until 2028). This investment includes the production of a compact pick-up in the neighbouring country, in addition to the production of three more models. Two vehicles will be produced in Anchieta (São Bernardo do Campo), although there are not yet many details about what they will look like or when they will be presented. The remaining model will be produced at the Taubaté plant and it will not be the Gol. Thus, several of last week's rumours about the return of this hatchback are almost ruled out. However, Ciro Possobom, president of the German company in South America, indicated that the one chosen for this plant will be an emblematic vehicle for the brand. "In Taubaté we will produce a new car and it will not be the Gol, but it will be an iconic model for Volkswagen", said the executive. Automotive Business reveals that the Golf is emerging as a strong contender and in fact, recently, the executive admitted that the carmaker is looking hard at bringing the Golf R to Brazil. For now, nothing is confirmed. Furthermore, hybrid engines will be produced in the neighbouring country. In the case of an eventual production of an electric car, it will be ruled out for now and will be imported by the end of this decade (it will not be produced in Brazil). Even so, the combination of a combustion engine with an electrified one will be a great alternative for our region, but it will not arrive in 2024. The production of the MQB Hybrid project in São Carlos will be one of the big news for the coming years. It is an unprecedented platform that will use a high-voltage system (merged combustion engine and electric motor). This architecture will enable greater connectivity and safety, thanks to the incorporation of driving assistance. Fuente: Parabrisas

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