VW produced an exclusive Virtus Cabrio for Lula da Silva

FEBRUARY 05, 2024
Virtus Cabrio for Lula Da Silva

It was to celebrate the $3.24 billion investment the German brand announced in Brazil. Volkswagen announced last week an investment of 3.24 billion dollars for its four factories in Brazil. The disbursement will allow the launch of 16 new vehicle models by 2028, including the production of the new "Gol SUV" (see note) and the compact pick-up that VW analysed manufacturing in Argentina, but finally decided to locate in Brazil (see note). The investment announcement was made at a ceremony at the Anchieta factory, located on the outskirts of Sao Paulo. The event was attended by Brazilian President Lula da Silva and his vice-president Geraldo Alckmin. At the door of the building, they were met with a surprise: a brand new Virtus Cabrio, which was designed, developed and manufactured at Anchieta especially for Lula and his entourage to tour the production plant. It is a unique example, painted in Biscayne Blue and equipped with the 1.4 TSi engine (150 hp and 250 Nm). The unit even features a special grab bar, so that rear passengers can walk upright inside the car. It is a tradition at the Anchieta plant to develop special vehicles for presidential visits. It has already done so in the past with models of the Fusca (1959 and 1993), Polo Sedan (2003) and Fox (2005). The Virtus Cabrio will become part of the collection of the "Garagem VW", a museum of historic vehicles located within the production plant itself. Fuente: AR Motor 1

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